PEDAL power pushes the adventures along for a determined cyclist called Isabella.

She is not only a fan of the bicycle but it takes her on her magical mystery tours which end up with her meeting new animals and new friends.

Isabella Necessity is brining her bicycle called Dilys to the Brewhouse Theatre on February 14, in her one woman show called How to be Brave.

Isabella Necessity is a botanist who loves to share stories about her incredible journeys around the world.

She will be on hand at half term to tell youngsters all about two fabulous stories including one which is set in the Amazon Rainforest and the other in the fjords of Norway.

The story in South America looks at the people she meets as well as the plants and animals.

The tale from Norway is all abut two sisters and how one of them is kidnapped by a troll.

It is left to the remaining sister to rescue her sibling.

Sara said: “Stories capture the imagination.

"They are great adventures and give the listener a chance to get inside a magical thoughts in your head while there is nothing really to show in the room.

"There is the language of the story and it is a way of entertaining. The bicycle which is called Dilys is an vital element of the story and adventure.

"Isabella is an itinerant who lives in the Dartmoor area.

"She loves plants, trees and seeds. She is from the 1920s and is quite eccentric.

"She is flirty and find and can mix with royalty as she can with other classes.

“What is good about story telling is people are always learning, there is always something to teach you.”

Sara explained she got her inspiration for using a bicycle in her stories from Japan.

It that country there is a history of Kami Shibai-Paper Theatre.

After the second world war, men used to put pictures on their bicycles and use these pictures to tell stories in the parks.

You can learn How to be Brave at the Brewhouse Theatre at three shows at 10am, 11.30am and 2pm. Tickets £6.50.

Buy tickets online at or call the box office on 01823 283244.