IF you say the name of Elvis Presley to a number of people the image which immediately pops into their minds is Elvis is a white sequinned jump suit in what is termed his 'Las Vegas years'.

It is an iconic image and an iconic set of clothes which you will see wherever you spot Elvis be it at an Elvis convention or at Test Match Cricket in this country.

Many simply cannot pull off the 'Elvis look', but one who can is Ben Portsmouth.

In 2006, Ben was voted the best Elvis at the prestigious international Elvis festival at Porthcawl Wales, the largest of its kind in Europe.

Success in the UK was followed by success in Europe and Ben qualified to represent Europe in the final of the Images of the King contest in Memphis 2010 to find the World Champion Elvis Tribute Artist.

Ben was voted World Champion ETA by both the judges and the public vote.

Somerset County Gazette:

In August 2012, Ben made history when he won the Elvis Presley Enterprises Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest which took place in Memphis, crowning Ben as the Worldwide Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist.

Reflecting on these 'big wins', Ben said: "I never really wanted to enter the competitions.

"They are so stressful and I don't want to put myself through that again.

"I entered the first one in 2006 when I was voted the best Elvis at the prestigious international Elvis festival at Porthcawl Wales.

"That was painless. But then I got egged on to do the other two.

"First of all it was the Images of the King contest in Memphis 2010 and then I entered the Elvis Presley Enterprises Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest (2012).

"I never thought I would win this as I did not believe the judges would award it to a non-American.

"But I had an interview with the judges and I felt happy with my performance but I still thought there was no way I am going to win.

"But I did and that was fantastic."

Ben is one of the UK's if not one of the top and one of the best Elvis acts in the world.

He looks like Elvis, sounds like Elvis and moves like Elvis.

Speaking about what it takes to 'Be Elvis', Ben said: "What are the top ingredients to be a top Elvis impersonator? I wish I knew (laughed Ben).

"I think it helps if you are able to sing and you look half reasonable and don't wear a jump suit with a big belly.

"You need to be able to sing and be a bit musical.

"Elvis was a good piano player and he could play three chords on the guitar.

"Overall you need to musically, have a good voice and you need a sense of humour.

"You have to be an entertainer and as a singer you never stop learning how to entertain an audience.

Somerset County Gazette:

"I think as Elvis you need to create an image, you need an amazing voice and sound good to create an illusion.

"You have to play a role and you need to be able to make people laugh.

"I see myself as an Elvis Entertainer.

"I am not an impersonator and I am not a tribute artist.

"I think anyone can be a tribute act and you do not have to look like the person you are being a tribute for."

He admitted the white jump suit was a flamboyant look, eye catching and is really linked with Elvis.

This success has led to offers from promoters all over the world for Ben to headline shows.

In 2013 Ben was chosen to headline a special Elvis Week on the David Letterman Show.

But what has Ben learnt about himself and what does he feel are the best and worst elements to portraying Elvis.

Ben said: "I have learnt a lot about myself by doing this role.

"It has given me a lot more confidence on stage and it does give you a lot more confidence in life in general.

"It has helped me working with people.

"The best and the worst thing about 'being Elvis' is it is great for me to go up on stage and pretend to be someone else for two hours.

Somerset County Gazette:

"When I have finished I can walk away and can be myself and know I have made a 1,000 people happy for one evening.

"I felt sorry for Elvis in the 1970s, as he became a victim of his own success and could not lead a normal life, he was trapped by his own success.

"I first became aware of Elvis as my dad used to listen to his records and those of Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison and Neil Diamond in the car.

"He recorded and sung a number of great songs.

"I am not a fan of the 50s Elvis but I can sing the songs. I prefer the 1970s as the music seems better as do the musicianship.

"The first time I visited Graceland was in 2010.

"I was shocked how someone like Elvis who was so flamboyant would live in this type of house.

"But the more I thought about it the more perfect it seemed.

"I loved looking around and like looking at all the jump suits and all the gold records.

"I like American Trilogy as it is three songs joined together as one.

"I do sing Nessun Dorma as I think it would be a song he would have sung if he was alive.

Somerset County Gazette:

"I know if I have done a good show, I can feel it just as much I can feel it if I have done a bad show.

"I realised how Elvis was important to people when I do the meet and greet."

Even as a top Elvis Entertainer, Ben said he did doubt himself.

Giving an insight to this he said: "Have I doubted myself?

"Oh yeah all the time you think should I be doing this or should I go and get a real job.

"I know where my strengths and weaknesses and I try to turn every negative into a positive.

"As an entertainer I feel I never stop learning and I never stop learning how to entertain an audience.

"If people do not like what I am doing then I feel I am like a television channel and they can switch me off."

Somerset County Gazette:

You can catch Ben Portsmouth And The Taking Care Of Elvis Band in The King is Back when they arrive at Westlands Theatre in Yeovil on March 17.

Tickets cost £29 and you can buy them online at westlandsyeovil.co.uk or by calling the box office on 01935 422884.