THE bicycle bells rang out to welcome in the young adventurers.

Then and only then did Isabella Necessity, the pedal pushing picture painting and the bravest bicyclist in the world begin her stories.

Her tales of adventure unfolded like a flag, all around Dilys, the immoveable bicycle who stood standing to attention on her rest, waiting for her next adventure while her previous escapades were told.

On the back of the bicycle was a miniature theatre which was used by Isabella to tell her tells using this diorama to full effect.

The cut outs of all the characters would appear in the mini theatre and then in other stories as picture slides.

The simple way this was done was captivating for the children as it held their attention without using a gizmo or a gadget or electronic wizardry.

What the three shows at the Brewhouse today, Wednesday, served up was a triple hitter of stories.

The first came all the way from the Amazon Rainforest where the trees are as tall as the clouds.

We learnt how Chilli ventured out of her home and followed a butterfly deep into the forest and got lost.

The animals would not help her, the only one which would was a blue butterfly.

The second story told us all how the Hippo came to live in the water.

A fun tale which also taught us a tale how all the other animals came to live in the water or on the land.

The third and final tale came from the lands in the North deep in the Fjords of Norway.

It was about a King and a Queen who wanted children and to help Isabella gave her some magic seeds which she had to grow in the garden.

She did exactly what she was told and magically two flowers appeared and on them two children.

One was called Precious Flower and the other Tatty head.

One day the trolls came and kidnapped Precious Flower and her sister Tatty Head had to be brave to rescue her from the evil Trolls.

Full marks to Sara Hurley who stars as Isabella Necessity and in bringing her adventures to life.