THE Contemporary Glass Society is holding an illuminating exhibition in Taunton.

It is staging Glorious Glass! – 20 Years of the Contemporary Glass Society at the Creative Innovation Centre, Memorial Hall, Paul Street, Taunton, Somerset from February 21-March 30.

In 2017, the Contemporary Glass Society (CGS) celebrated 20 years since its foundation as the principle supporter and promoter of artists and collectors of contemporary glass in the UK.

It now has almost 1,000 members both nationally and internationally.

To continue the celebration of this landmark anniversary and to raise awareness of the glory of contemporary glass, a series of linked exhibitions are being held around Great Britain over the next three years. This circular tour will start and end in the South West.

CGS has chosen the Creative Innovation Centre (CIC) and Taunton as the first venue where we will be displaying glass art work from artists based in the South West.

The exhibition is open to all members so that the work will range from international high flyers to hobbyists.

The aim of the exhibition is to demonstrate just how utterly glorious and amazing contemporary glass is so that everyone can appreciate and enjoy its magical colours, textures, use of light and variety of techniques and also discover their own local glass artists.

The work displayed will feature a wide range of techniques from hot blown forms, fused glass, stained glass panels, pate de verre and cast glass.

Each artist will explain why glass is glorious to them and why they have chosen the pieces on display to express that passion for their chosen material.

Visitors will be able to see and understand how pieces are made through a Glass Forum day, meet the artists events, workshops and a craft fair.

All the work on display will also be for sale.

Come along and plunge into a glass fiesta of colour and delight, explore a new art form and have a go yourself.

The exhibition will be open: Tuesday to Saturday – 9.30am to 4pm