A CHILDREN’S book written by David Parkin was born literally from a chance conversation with a child who had a snotty nose.

Not only this this conversation turn David’s idea into a book but it turned it into a musical which will appear on stage at the Brewhouse Theatre in Taunton on April 3.

Ahead of David coming to Somerset for a workshop on the same day the musical takes place, the County Gazette found out the story behind the story.

David said: “I think I must have written 15-20 years ago. The idea of the book came about when I was visiting my girlfriend at her parents house.

“It was a lovely cottage in the country and when we were there on a spring day her nice and nephew were also there at the same time.

“Her niece had a cold and had a very snotty nose. I began to tell her about the nose that grew at the bottom of the garden and was raised by a herd of slugs.

From that moment The Nose that Nobody Picked popped into my head.

“It took two years to finally finish the story from what was a chance remark.

“When I was writing the book I just wanted to write the kind of book I would have wanted to read as a kid.

"I didn’t plan it for a certain age group, I knew it would be interesting for seven-10- year-olds. I came straight out of my brain and onto the page.

“I don’t think I was surprised by writing a children’s book as I have been writing for a number of years.

"Doing lots of different things is an amazing learning curve. It is important to go with ideas if the present themselves.”

Then it all became a musical.

This came about when someone suggested it to him and then it was a case of making it happen.

David said: “The idea to turn it into a musical was just that an idea. I got writing the script and knew what needed to be cut out of the book to make it work.

"I got help from Douglas Dean who helped co-writing the songs.”

n You can see The Nose Nobody Picked at The Brewhouse at 1.30pm on Tuesday, April 3.

Tickets cost £10 and can be bought online at thebrewhouse.net or call the box office on 01823 283244.