MODERN glass is taking centre stage in Taunton.

The stage in question is at the Creative Innovation Centre CIC at the Memorial Hall in Paul Street.

The reason it is turning heads is of the exhibition entitled "Glorious Glass": 20 years of The Contemporary Glass Society (CGS).

The exhibition is a celebration of this landmark anniversary and to raise awareness of the glory of contemporary glass, a series of linked exhibitions are being held around Great Britain over the next three years.

This circular tour will start and end in the South West.

Somerset County Gazette:

CGS has chosen the Creative Innovation Centre (CIC) and Taunton as the first venue where we will be displaying glass art work from artists based in the South West.

The exhibition is open to all members so that the work will range from international high flyers to hobbyists.

Somerset County Gazette:

The aim of the exhibition is to demonstrate just how utterly glorious and amazing contemporary glass is so that everyone can appreciate and enjoy its magical colours, textures, use of light and variety of techniques and also discover their own local glass artists.

The work displayed will feature a wide range of techniques from hot blown forms, fused glass, stained glass panels, pate de verre and cast glass.

Somerset County Gazette:

Each artist will explain why glass is glorious to them and why they have chosen the pieces on display to express that passion for their chosen material.

Richard Holt, director Creative Innovation Centre CIC said: "The exhibition has been very good.

"I think it has been educational as people can see a high standard of glass work which they would not normally.

Somerset County Gazette:

"There is a wide range of glass on show which has allowed visitors to appreciate what can be done with glass.

"I think there have been three types of visitor; one who appreciate the architectural specifics of the glass; secondly those who want to invest in art and those who can appreciate it for arts sake."

All the work on display will also be for sale.

Somerset County Gazette:

The exhibition is Tuesday to Saturday – 9.30am to 4pm.

There are glass workshops 10.30am-noon on March 7, 14 and 21.

Booking required.