IF I could have watched Strangers on ITV which started last night, without any adverts then I would have been a happy bunny.

The adverts came thick and fast and interrupted the flow of the story.

This first episode was to use a mountaineering phrase was where we reached Base Camp, but not without a word from our many sponsors.

It laid down the story, we got to the end and were left on a cliff hanger.

I was so grateful there was not a quick trailer of and next time....at the end of the episode.

Although I fear they will start with and last time....

I feel If I could have watched the episode advert free it would have flowed much better.

It seemed like a child running with its shoelace loose and the child kept tripping up all the time it was running.

You felt you would never get to the end without another trip, another advert.

This is a murder/mystery/thriller.

We have a dead wife Megan Harris played by Dervla Kirwan, as it turns out of two men one being Jonah Mulray played by John Simm and of Anthony Wong played by David Chen.

Somerset County Gazette:

What we have yet to discover fully is why she became as bigamist and why was she shot?

Clearly there is something in her past or the pasts of her two husbands.

We wait to find out what twists and turns there are in this show.

Twitter did what Twitter did best last night when you searched #Strangers.

The amount of tweets about John Simm not being able to get a charger of THIS (he is holding a mobile phone). Twitter kept telling him it is a mobile phone John!

The character he plays is a university lecturer and he has no idea where to get a charger for his - mobile phone!

The other bit I noticed was Jonah left London wearing a lightweight safari suit and apart from a two second clip he never took his jacket off-never.

I thought he was sown into it, unable to get it off as if it was like a straight jacket.

He could not remember what the object he was holding was called but knew it needed a charger, so maybe he forgot he took the jacket off as he didn't remember he should.

As a first episode we are off to a decent start.

What I hope is next week it raises the stakes and can now move along with twists and turns as the plot has been outlined.

Episode two of Strangers is on ITV at 9pm on Monday.

Episode one is on the ITV Hub.