YOU have iconic moments during an interview.

This happens when the person you are speaking to says something fun without you realising as you are writing it down and then laughs making you aware what they have said.

This happened when I was speaking to Georgia Norton, one of the six female singers performing in Icons: Celebrating the legendary Divas.

Icons, celebrates the powerhouse vocals and iconic songs of Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Tina Turner, Dusty Springfield, Carole King & many more.

While talking about the show and what she hoped people would get from it when they see in at The Regal Theatre in Minehead on October 26, Georgia said: “I hope they come thinking they are in for a good night.

"It is a celebration (of the Divas music) so I hope they will be and dancing about.

"I hope they will join in with the songs and while they are watching the sic of us on stage they say that ginger one was brilliant.” Then laughed out loud.

Then adding the six of them on stage were talented singers who brought their own singing skills to the show.

Georgia has been performing since she was three years old.

She said: “I would sing Witney Houston songs for my family with my mega mic. It (singing/entertaining) is something I have always wanted to do.

"Even though I got other jobs I always came back to it as I love being a performer and love being on stage.

“I like the feeling it gives me when I hit the high notes when singing some incredible songs.

"The songs can stretch and challenge me and as a singer that is good.

"My two favourite sings/three as one is a meddle are Holding out for a Hero and River deep, Mountain High and on its own Tell Him which is such a beautiful song.”

You can hear these and many more at the show which starts at 7.30pm on Friday, October 26.

Tickets: Adults £18. Friends £17.50.Buy online at or call 01643 706430.