THERE are moments in an interview which illuminate the words spoken.

A case of this occurring happened when talking to Belle Morgan, who is Leanne in The Little Mix Experience.

This is a group of four girls who are a tribute act doing all the songs and dances associated with the real Little Mix.

The illuminating moment came when Belle said: “This gives me the opportunity to perform all of the songs by Little Mix and for a moment live the life of a pretend popstar and then go home and have my tea-great. We are all massive Little Mix fans and we do the music justice.

“Everyone who comes along has a brilliant experience and there is an electric atmosphere.The girls and boys who come along know all the words to the songs and sing along to every song.

“They get really excited and for many the best part of the show is the meet and greet we do after the stage act.”

Belle who graduated from performing acting college in 2015 has been with the Little Mix Experience since this present line up was put together in 2017.

This was a role she never expected to be doing but like anything in show business it came out of the blue and she is loving every minute of her ‘popstar experience’.

The four girls arrive three hours before each show starts to do sound checks, get their make up ready and make sure their costumes are laid out.

The show they put on lasts two hours with a 15 minute interval.

While the girls are on stage it is non-stop action.

Belle said: “We really keep the lighting people on their toes as we are moving about so much on stage.

“Whenever Little Mix release new songs we want to get them in the show as quickly as possible. Such as last Summer we got everything ready for the song Power as our audience we shouting for it before we had it ready.”

You can see The Little Mix Experience at The Brewhouse on October 30.