A NEW thriller is set to take to the stage at the Brewhouse next month.

From the writer of Diary of a Hounslow Girl, this play reveals the hidden lives of Britain’s invisible children, adrift in the care system at the mercy of gang culture

In the year that has seen knife crime in the UK soar to an unprecedented level, writer and actress Ambreen Razia, whose hugely successful Diary of a Hounslow Girl has been commissioned by BBC Three for a pilot, presents the corrupt and violent world of inner city gang culture.

Ambreen Razia has collaborated with director Sophie Moniram, one of The Old Vic 12 class of 2018.

POT delves into the lives of Britain’s invisible children, adrift in the care system and inadvertently impacted by gang culture.16-year-old Louisa wakes up in a flat on her estate with her erratic and unstable boyfriend Josh missing and a notorious drug dealer on her back.

A young man, Miles, who is clearly concealing his own troubled past has been appointed her protector.

Time is running out as Louisa must decide whether to do the right thing whilst a series of revelations suggest everything is not as it seems.

Ambreen Razia said, “POT is a raw tale set in inner-city London and it pulls no punches.

“It raises questions about why young people who leave care, form families on the streets. I want to capture these stories which go untold, the voices which echo from the underbelly of our cities; nobody should be exempt from seeing themselves reflected back at them. I believe that through theatre we can help tell stories which centre around young people who are unheard, mis-represented or exploited, enabling us to break down misconceptions and dismantle damaging stereotypes.

POT has been commissioned by Ovalhouse and supported by Stratford Circus Arts Centre.

You can see the play at The Brewhouse at 7.30pm on Friday, October 5.

Tickets cost full price from £14 and concessions from £9.50.

It is suitable for those aged 14 years old and above.

Buy tickets online at thebrewhouse.net or call the box office on 01823 283244.