THE plot as any good detective worth a box of clichés would say: “Ah! The Plot thickens!”

In the case of the plot thickening, I am not referring to The Great British Bake Off, oh no, this is for Strangers on ITV.

I stated in my review of Episode One: “As a first episode we are off to a decent start.

“What I hope is next week it raises the stakes and can now move along with twists and turns as the plot has been outlined.”

It is not often you can quote yourself, but in this case I think it is justified.

Episode two which took place at 9pm on Monday, had its fair shares of twists and turns and reveals.

I am glad this happened as we all need a good thriller to watch.

Jonah Mulray played by John Simm learns more about his wife’s double life ( She was also married to David Chen as played by Anthony Wong for 20 years)

He, Jonah, discovered at the end of episode she had been shot. He took this voicemail recording to the police, who erased the sound of the bullets and her being shot.

They blamed his jet leg and memory but he knew and we knew there is something fishy going on in this Hong Kong Police department.

He then found out ‘his wife’ had a daughter and a secret flat above a restaurant.

Jonah discovered her daughter and his wife had American Passports.

The other person who has been brought into the mystery is Emilia Fox who plays Sally Porter Sally is a British consul in China.

She has been drawn in by her own dilemma as her boyfriend sold secret information from the British Consulate to a journalist and an investigation was launched at the Consul.

This has meant Sally lied to cover her tracks and the tracks of her boyfriend. This has all be compounded as he is dead, apparently he committed suicide. We await to see if this is true.

I complained last week, Jonah, never took his safari style jacket off, this week he not only took it off but he threw it casually over his shoulder.

On top of this I hated the abundant adverts. To combat it this week, I recorded the episode and zipped and skipped over them and as a result the episode flowed much better and my enjoyment increased.

Top enjoyment and looking forward to Episode Three on Monday, September 24, at 9pm on ITV.