HISTORY is not a dry subject or a topic.

This can never be sad and again and cannot be true after I interviewed Lucy Worsley.

She could not have been more full of life, talkative with a very funny sense of humour.

Lucy is by day as she pointed out a museum curator but as we all know by night time a BBC television presenter of historical programmes.

Doing such a high profile role on television is something which as I found outgoes against the grain for Lucy.

She said: “I am a shy person who is usually very introverted but I can be a show off.

“On television it is fun and I have always enjoyed fancy dress (In her programmes Lucy wears a lot of different costumes from the different time periods she is talking about).

Somerset County Gazette:

“I am a museum curator (who works at Hampton Court)and I am responsible for 9,000 items in the collection “I have to work hard to get there attention and their interest.

“This is entry level history and then I can pass them onto a more serious historian. For many people life gets in the way of history with kids and jobs, but when they get older they do come back to it for a sense of their own specific history.”

Lucy will be in Taunton at the Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre at 7.30pm on Saturday, October 27, when she will be giving a talk all about Queen Victoria: Daughter, wife, mother and widow.

With this talk, Lucy aims to make you think again about a complex, contradictory woman, who has a traumatic childhood, who loved dancing, who suffered calamity and bereavement .

Lucy takes you into this life, the palaces and the rich colourful age of this woman ho ruled a quarter of the globe.

Somerset County Gazette: Northern Aldborough Festival: Dr Lucy Worsley

Speaking about what she hopes people will get from the talk, Lucy said: “I hope they have a desire to learn.

“It is like a letter I received in which that person said your talk made me go out and by a book and even taking an Open University course.”

Tickets for the talk cost £25.

You can buy tickets and get more information online at tacchi-morris.com or call the box office on 01823 41 41 41.