THE fractured vacuum of the cathode tube has sent a plethora of viewers spinning off into different directions to find a better television experience.

One of the best can be found with the Sky Box Sets and the new season of Get Shorty.

It kicked off for viewers in the UK In June with season one and we have just been presented with 10 new episodes.

All ten are available to download and watch and your leisure or in my case overdosing on them as quickly as I could. Why? Because they were there and two days was all it took to watch all the episodes.

Chris O’Dowd as Miles Daly has got the 'movie bug' even worse than in season one and while he is still a gangster it is the movie business which is his true passion.

He scored a hit as being a producer of The Admiral's Daughter and now he wants more with Wylderness.

But like anything in the world of crime there is trouble at mill.

For Miles it comes in the shape of the Feds-The FBI, a snitch who is passing on information to the FBI, Louis (his friend and working colleague in the cartel) as played by Sean Bridgers is facing the prospect of becoming a father and Lidia Porto who plays Amara De Escalones is having trouble with a cartel in LA which is demanding more money from her and this leads to an all out gang war.

All of this topped by the fact the feds

I am delighted to see Rick Moreweather (Ray Romano) whose romance with Amara is being taken to a whole new level, while he wants to escape at every opportunity is still with us.

I never watched the comedy series, Everybody Loves Raymond which he was the star, but in Get Shorty he is excellent.

There are numerous plot twists and turns in Get Shorty season two which I will not mention so not as to spoil your enjoyment.

My recommendation is if you have not already to got on board with Get Shorty and get what is a rollercoaster ride in a well scripted and well crafted television show.