ENDINGS in drama series are going to be either good or half baked-there is no half way house.

As a viewer you have invested time and effort into watching a show be it for three episodes or in the case of Strangers on ITV eight episodes.

Two months hard graft and at times hard work.

You can always argue eight episodes could have been cut to six or even five.

There were some episodes when not a lot happened and the storyline never really moved very far.

Overall I stuck with it and by the final episode which I watched on Tuesday, I did feel it was worth the wait.

By the end of episode seven I was wondering how the final episode would stand up. Would it meet expectations or would it fall flat on its face?

I did have a few gripes about the final episode. Firstly was how did Emma (Rosalind Halstead) miss the letter in the box in the storage unit but Jonah Mulray played by John Simm found it within seconds of opening the box. But she found a USB stick which is much smaller, straight away in the large cardboard box.

A letter or card was just an awwww moment. It tied things up, made Jonah feel better and maybe the audience.

After watching it I thought why would she tell the truth? Megan was a bigamist, but she never left David in Hong Kong and had a child (now teenager) with him. Why would she tell Jonah the truth? And why would he believe her after spending eight episodes finding out they were really Strangers.

Speaking about the box, how did Dervla Kirwan who played Megan Harris bring all these items into the country and why? This was all stuff she would have had to bring back from Hong Kong or did she post it to herself at the storage unit.

Over all the plot for the entire series was strong, it had what you can say was a beginning, a middle and an end.

The later episodes were defiantly more gripping than the first few. From episode five to episode eight it got its skates on and moved forward at a good pace.

I did have to watch it after I recorded it. I just found the ad breaks intolerable and I found it moved far better by skipping them each time they appeared.

I did watch the first episode as broadcast but that was the only one. All the others were a day later and as I said fast forwarding the adverts gave it more structure and it was less fractured.

I don't normally watch drama on ITV but the name of John Simm was enough to attract me to watch.

In the recent catalogue of programmes I have watched or am watching on television Strangers was much better than Instinct on Sky Witness but not as good I feel as Get Shorty.

Strangers I felt was good to watch, it answered all the questions which were raised at the start and in the opening episodes.

There were enough twists and turns to keep you interested and it did make my Tuesday evening more enjoyable.

If you have missed it then I would say download the box set and watch.

You might enjoy it or it might infuriate you. But then isn't that what most television series seem to do today.

What viewers want from a drama is for everyone to be hooked and watching and have that water cooler moment to talk about it.

This does not happen enough and I think television is lesser for it and we as viewers are not involved in this collective watching.