AN analogy of Ivo Graham’s comedy would be this, he is like a well surrounded by water.

He is the well and the water is what happens to him in his life and the jokes or observations are those picked up in the bucket of water and thrown out onto the audience.

He needs to keep being surrounded by water and insure the well never runs dry. The trouble is due to his ‘personal comedy’ a number of people in his family have said to him at the end of conversations ‘Now that is not going in your act’.

Speaking about this Ivo said: “I would say that I do use my personal life too much. my family do not want to be dragged into the mire for yet another cheap gag.

“When I do shows in London a lot of my family come and watch and I talk about how their parenting has effect my adult relationships.”

One of the aspects which amuses Ivo in his comedy is the different layers of jokes he puts in the stories.

It is like vintage Simpsons, you get a joke you can laugh at as it is a joke, then there is another joke inside this and then another.

Different people can enjoy different levels of the same joke.

He said: “What I would say if people are watching me then I like to smuggle in niche references about football or music and make an obscure reference to Lord of the Rings. I hope by doing this I can meet everyone’s personal taste and everyone goes home happy.”

Speaking to Ivo I got the impression he feels he is very much a work in progress, a comedian who is finding his feet and voice.

He knows what he wants to do but feels he still needs more experience so his ‘comedy voice’ gets stronger.

The one aspect of being on stage Ivo does enjoy is doing his personal comedy and is happiest ‘with no filter’.

His act is up to a point as he says checked and ‘he has done ‘a risk assessment to eliminate any damage’.Now he is heading to The Brewhouse in Taunton for a show.

He first learnt of Taunton in The Great Game of Britain as you could end up in Taunton missing three goes and you were drunk on cider.

You can get drunk on Ivo’s comedy on November 15. Tickets on sale at