THE Royal Ballet’s La Bayadère will be screened live at the Minehead Regal from the Royal Opera House in London’s Covent Garden.

The ballet which will be shown on Tuesday November 13, at 7.15pm, will transport audiences to a world of temple dancers, vengeful gods, jealous princesses and noble warriors.

La Bayadère tells a story of love, passion and vengeance. Nikiya, a temple dancer, is in love with the warrior Solor but the High Brahmin desires her for himself.

When Nikiya spurns him, the furious High Brahmin tells Princess Gamzatti, Solor’s fiancée, that Solor and Nikiya are in love.

In revenge Gamzatti orders Nikiya to be killed.

Solor is haunted by Nikiya’s spirit and dreams of being reunited with her.

At his wedding to Gamzatti he finally achieves his desire: the angry gods take vengeance for the death of Nikiya by destroying the temple, killing the whole wedding party.Solor and Nikiya’s spirits are reunited.

The cast features Royal Ballet Principals Marianela Nuñez as Nikiya, Vadim Muntagirov as Solor and Natalia Osipova as Gamzatti.

Tickets cost £15 (for Regal Film Society members and Friends of the Regal £12.50, full-time students/ES40 £10) and may be booked in advance at the Regal Box Office (Tel: 01643 706430).