TO become a good comedian you have to find your feet and your voice.

One of the new 21st century comedians who has found both is Laura Lexx who grew up in Taunton.

Laura caught the comedy bug when she attended the University of Kent where she was studying drama.

She said it was while in Kent she ‘fell in with a reprobate group of comedians’ and so by the time she left Kent after four years (2005-2009) with an undergraduate masters degree in drama, Laura wanted to be a comedian.

She set out on her comedy road by attending open mic sessions and trying to be booked at clubs.

Laura said: “I like being a comedian is if you are an actor you have to have permission to act or you have been given lines to say.

“But as comedian you have no limitation you can what you want and what you think about and write.

“It can be difficult to think of things to say when you first begin but you have to keep going and the adrenaline rush you get from performing is addictive.”

When she left university apart from doing stand up in her spare time, Laura did have a day job which was as a search engine optimiser-someone who helps get your company listing up the Google rankings.

Long story short she hated her job which in her words ‘sucked’ so by 2015 she was able to give up the day job and become a full time comedian.

This Christmas you can see Laura as she will be starring in The Live At The Apollo Christmas show on BBC 2 on December 22 at 9.30pm

Talking about this experience, Laura said: “Live at the Apollo was utterly amazing.

“I had 20 minutes which is standard time for a club set. I loved every minute and it went too quickly.

“As soon as I came off stage I wanted to go back on. Being a comedian in the 21st century is great. Comedy is in a wonderful place. You have to be good to survive and in order to be a comedian you have to be good.

“It was brilliant to have 3,000 laughing at your jokes.”