HIDDEN on the BBC iPlayer under categories you will find Wales.

Look inside this and you can discover Hidden Wales.

This three part programme is presented by Will Millard, an adventurer, presenter and writer.

He goes on a journey looking at locations which you would not even know existed.

They are all 'off the beaten track' and while they might not be places we might want to go or even attempt to get to, Will shows us what we are missing and it is still as thrilling.

I am always looking for television programmes I might have missed or could find interested.

And so on New Year's Day, I spotted Hidden Wales, hidden away deep on the BBC iPlayer.

Each of the three programmes is 45 minutes and in each one, Will takes a look at a variety of places.

I watched in admiration as he went pot holing and never even flinched once.

I for one would never have gone near the tight, narrow spaces he crawled through. I would have panicked about getting stuck and never getting out.

So what does Will go and see? He finds the lost city of Trellech, gets up close and personal with the Whiteford Point Lighthouse, looks at the wreck of the first mechanically powered submarine, the former military fort Stack Rock, a slate quarry, an old lead mine close for over 60 years.

There are lots of other places to see as well as those I have listed.

Each programme is split into North Wales, Mid and West Wales and South Wales.

It is one of those programmes which anyone can enjoy. I felt it was an eye opener, taking you places you have not seen and learning something new.

Learning was the key to this programmes success.

You learnt in a gentle way, it was not over indulgent with facts, it kept things brief and you felt as you learnt Will was learning as well.

Will's presenting style was relaxed and informative. The best non Blue Peter presenter I have seen.

He was a John Noakes, taking on a challenge, never saying no but relishing a challenge no matter how he felt about it.

Don't let this programme be hidden to you any longer.

Get on the iPlayer and make sure you find Hidden Wales.