THIS could be your new pocket companion or an armchair accompaniment to an afternoon wander without leaving the house.

Cider with Roxie is a new travel book or conversational chatter which you can enjoy as you read about or a walk around Somerset.

The book has been written by Paul Hending who described himself as a former teacher and a part time journalist.

The man himself, along with Roxie his greyhound/deerhound cross took two years, from the Autumn of 2013 to August 2015, to walk around the border of Somerset.

These walks were achieve off and on and for the majority of them included one of Paul’s friends who acted as a walking companion as they did a different section of the journey.

The route started at the Bristol Channel cost and after crossing the high moors in the West, the grasslands of the south and the woodlands of the east and north, they turned west again along the Mendips back to their starting point.

Explaining why he did the walk, Paul said: “There were a number of reasons. I have always enjoyed walking and as a Somerset nationalist I was semi-retired and was looking for a project to focus on.

“The idea came from Geoff (a friend and author) who wrote a book about the coastal weather stations in the UK.

“All together the walk was about 300 miles and as far as possible we kept to the border as we had to follow the public right of ways.”

One enjoyable discovery on the walk for Paul was seeing some views he had not seen before and some at night.

He said: “Some of the views I had not really seen like the top of Mendip with gives you a 360 degree view or from Uphil where I was at night and saw the coast of South Wales lit up and It was reflected on the water of the Bristol Channel.

Cider with Roxie- A walk around the borders of Somerset with a Longdog is published by Suffix and recommended retail price is £7.

Further details about the book can be found online at

Copies can be bought at Brendon Books in Bath Place, Taunton.