THE glamour gal of the matchmaking world is back on our television screens and she is on a mission to help people find love.

Coralie Jo is part of the new reality/dating show The Ultimate Matchmaker which returned our screens at the end of January on the W Channel (UKTV).

Initially brought in as a dater, Coralie Jo is now a dedicated member of the team at a select dating agency in London helping the well heeled and the well to do find true love.

It is these business men and women she wants to show what they need to do to find love and to come out of their shells.

In the blurb for the show it states: "Coralie’s little black book of contacts developed during a her career in Finance and Private Equity, made her an invaluable asset to The Ultimate Matchmaker which focuses on creating luxurious television-worthy dates for the international jetset in West London and abroad."

Speaking about why she thinks the rich find it difficult to find love she said: "I think the problem is in my experience they have the experience of being cash rich but they are time poor.

"They devote time and energy into their business but when they socialise they do so with business people and so do not leave enough time for their love life.

"A lot of them are experts at one thing but not great at something else. They might be experts but they are unable to flirt and try and pick someone up.

"What they have to do is in order to find love they need to open up and be vulnerable and it is difficult for them to do this.

"My aim is to get to know them and understand what they are like. I aim to find out about their morals, principles and what they enjoy in lie.

"Many of them keep dating beautiful glamours girls but it never works. What they have to do is to have a moment of personal awareness to see what they want from dating.

"By showing them some do get a yeah moment but some go back to their old ways as they revert to type.

"Some are just creatures of habit."

She felt even if couples were in a relationship they should have therapy as it would help them understand each other more.

By having therapy she said it was a chance to take stock and take a moment to look backwards.

Coralie enjoyed being on the show as a dater but she loves being part of the team

Speaking about the show, she said: "It is very rewarding. Finding love is fun and with this show there are always twists and turns

"We live in a world where people consume phones like they do relationships.

"It is important to know love is not dead

"I love love and it is really nice when I can help as a matchmaker.

"My aim is to be that person who can help and get them where they need to be."

With Valentine's Day fast approach, what does Coralie believe can be done by men to make a romantic statement.

She said: "If you are single don't get caught up in Valentine's Day.

"There are a number of things you can do if you single and want to find love like single events or speed dating.

"Get yourself out there and give it a go.

"If you are a couple or married then make a statement.

"You can make a special gesture like getting a special picture framed. Small things can mean so much and they make great memories which you cannot buy.

"Men should be chivalrous and polite and romantic." To find out what is happening in The Ultimate Matchmaker tune into the show.

You will find it on Sky 109, Virgin 125, BT 311 and TalkTalk 311.