THE power of the facts are hitting hard.

In the second episode of 'The Radical Story of Patty Hearst' on PBS America there were moments when the air seemed to leave the room.

Fact they say is stranger than fiction and in this case the fact is a kidnap victim decided not to go home and made a decision to join her captors.

This reason was debated in court but one the kidnappers said it was not a decision they made.

Patty Hearst was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army and while she was held by them she taped messages which were released to a radio station and to the press.

Her parents made statements outside their home everyday. hoping for the safe return on their daughter.

But by the end of episode two, Patty Hearst said she was staying with this guerilla group. She was changing her name to Tania and would take up the armed struggle.

One of the former members of the Symbionese Liberation Army who snatched Patty Hearst explained the decision to stay was Patty's, while the SLA actually hoped she would go home.

He said in the trailer to episode three they had kidnapped 'a freak'.

One of the more amusing aspects of this episode was the SLA moved from one house to another and rented accommodation on the same street as the FBI.

It seemed hiding in plain sight was the best plan.

Watching the first two episodes, it is amazing to see what was going on in each camp.

As one commentator in the documentary said the Hearst family did not go to the FBI the FBI went to them.

The power of this documentary in highlighting a story which broke 45 years ago has lost none of its power.

It will amaze you the further you take the time to travel along with it in the next four episodes. For me each episode at 9pm on Saturday cannot come quick enough.

If you have not tuned it yet, you are missing a treat. If it is on catch up please catch it or jump in with episode three and join in with this quality documentary.

PBS America can be found on Freeview 94, Freesat 155, Virgin Media 276, Sky channel 160 and now its new on demand channel on Amazon UK.

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