DISCOVER how you can enjoy life despite suffering from depression and PTSD with Trace Dann, more commonly known as Captain Krankypants.

Australian returned veteran and successful businessman Trace Dann will be entertaining guests at The Lawns Social Club in Taunton. On March 7, you can enjoy his highly energetic presentation finding joy in life, despite suffering from mental illness.

With so many people today suffering with these conditions, Captain Krankypants will be sharing the story of his own journey. From a life of inner turmoil, stress, unhappiness, displeasure, annoyance, anger and distrust to a new life of self-awareness, acceptance, trust and, hopefully, happiness.

“It is great to have Trace back after his successful and well received show at Hemyock in December” said Mark Dewar, local entrepreneur.

“We’re so happy to have him bring the show back with an added focus on advice for family members and friends of people suffering from the conditions but also to include farmer depression in the talk – it is of great importance in the area.”

The show starts at 7:30pm. Tickets are £10 and available now from Lawns Social Club. For more details and special reservations, call Mark on 07966 599568.