Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (12A) 151 mins

GOTHAM City and the world at large struggle to come to terms with the arrival of Metropolis' modern-day saviour, Superman (Henry Cavill).

A committee led by Senator Finch (Holly Hunter) asks uncomfortable questions about the god-like superhero and his ability to crush humanity as well as protect it.

Martha Kent (Diane Lane) tells her son that he doesn't owe the human race anything but Clark's heart belongs to co-worker Lois Lane (Amy Adams) and he is determined to protect the weak and vulnerable.

Unfortunately, Gotham City's formidable and forceful vigilante Batman (Ben Affleck) fears the actions of Superman and declares war.

While the two figures are locked in battle, inflamed by the scheming of Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), a new threat - diabolical General Zod (Michael Shannon) - arises.

Just when all hope seems lost, Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) enters the fray to bring together Batman and Superman in Gotham City's hour of need.