GRAB your popcorn and settle down in your seats (back row if preferred) for the first of three great festivals this year from The Brewhouse.

The Brew Film Fest features great movies from the golden days of cinema right up to the present. There are eight films in all shown over nine days from family feel goods to modern classics and even a sing-a-long special.

The week long event begins on Friday, May 13 with Dudley Moore selling his soul to the devil, played by Peter Cooke in Bedazzled.

If you feel brave enough, you can catch The Witch, later the same evening. Set in 1630 in New England a family beset by mysterious misfortune turn against each other with horrific and terrifying result. Not for the feint hearted.

The weekend is dedicated to family time with Oscar winning Inside Out, a JG Ballard double with a young Christian Bale in Empire of the Sun and new release High Rise. Sunday brings another Oscar nominated film with Matt Damon in the highly acclaimed The Martian and then a National Theatre Live Encore performance of Arthurs Miller's classic, A View from a Bridge.

It’s Hitchcock all the way on the Monday 16 with a double bill of the Hitchcock/Truffaut docu film and then 1966s Torn Curtain starring Paul Newman. A delicious fish and chip supper will be served during the two screenings.

Tuesday and Wednesday offer a real mix. This year sees the 50th anniversary of one of the 1960s most defining films with Michelangelo Antonianis Blow Up. Critically acclaimed animated Anomalisa offers cutting edge graphics and a poignant and thoughtful narrative for adults.

The second live Cinema event of the week comes on Wednesday 18 with The Royal Ballets brand new Frankenstein. Screened Live from the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.

Thursday is entitled Cold War Day with an afternoon of The Russians are Coming The Russians are Coming, another Oscar winner and a spoof which explores the U.S Cold War paranoia. Rebecca Ferguson and Charles Dance start in the new release Despite the Falling Snow in the evening. Set in 1950s Moscow this is an edge of the seat thriller as an American spy Katya becomes emotionally compromised and struggles to reconcile her beliefs.

Richard Gere makes a double Bill appearance on Friday with his debut leading role as a scheming farm worker in Days of Heaven and his most recent appearance as a homeless man trying to rebuild a relationship with his estranged daughter in Time out of Mind.

Saturday in a feel good finale with another family offering in Song of the Sea during the afternoon. Another Oscar nominated animation following a young boy and his little sister who go on a mission to free the fairies and save the spirit world from evil forces.

The grand finale is a musical extravaganza featuring Doris Day in, arguably, her most iconic role as Calamity Jane. This is the sing-a-long version and the audience are actively encouraged to dress up as their favourite Western character. So, start practising your Deadwood Stage and Windy City now. Prizes will be awarded to the best dressed.

Individual tickets for each film are £5 but a £20 pass will provide access to all films during the week. However, Frankenstein and A View from a Bridge are not included in this offer and regular prices will apply.

Food offerings for the Hitchcock and Richard Gere double bills are priced at £5 per person and must be pre-ordered.

More information on all of the films and times are available from the Brewhouse website.