I Saw The Light (15) 124 mins

TAKING its title from a song written and performed by Hank Williams, Marc Abraham's musical biopic charts the rise of the country music legend until his premature death at the age of 29.

In a gas station, Hank (Tom Hiddleston) marries his first wife Audrey (Elizabeth Olsen), who hopes to be his musical partner as well as his soulmate.

Unfortunately, she doesn't possess the same lyrical voice and when Hank's song Love Sick Blues reaches the top of the country chart, he seems destined for greatness.

He dazzles during an audition for the legendary venue, the Grand Ole Opry, and celebrates by boozing and womanizing.

His publisher and manager Fred Rose (Bradley Whitford) and his mother Lillie (Cherry Jones) cannot curb his excesses and Hank heads towards the brink of self-destruction.