THE super silky sound of a Somerset saxophone player looks set to sizzle.

Eve Lesedi from Langport who has been gigging for two years, is looking to climb the ladder of success.

As part of her musical education, Eve who is studying for her A Levels is hoping come September she will be very much part of the Royal Holloway, University of London.

The 18-year-old whose singing voice is similar to Imelda May, is looking to broaden and deepen her musical knowledge by studying performance, composing as well as film score writing.

The teenager has already recorded and released a three track EP called Happy Face.

All the songs are self composed and include Happy Face, Leave it all behind and Maze.

She start playing the flute when she was seven-years-old and then five years ago she took up playing the saxophone and in her words ‘has never put it down since’.

Eve said: “I am influenced by soul, funk, Motown and jazz. Basically these styles of music speak to me and I get emotional when I sing them and when I play them.

"When I sing it I feel it and when I play it I feel it.

“The person who inspired me to start writing my own songs was Newton Faulkner.

"I met him and had a chat to him and as a result I wanted to like him use my songs to tell a story.

“Even when I have written a song I do not think it is finished. I am particular how it should sound.

"One of my aims is to never write miserable songs rather to make them up beat.

"Writing songs gives me a chance to explore different things.

"I know how important an education is and that is why I am still studying and then going to university.

"But music is where I want to be. If I did not go for it (a career in music) play music and did not give it my all then I would not be happy.

“At the end of my time at University, I will have a better idea of where I am going.”

Eve’s next gig is: - May 13 at the Horse Pond Inn, Castle Cary, 9pm-11pm