A TAUNTON troubadour is painting pictures through her songs.

Aimee Holland is producing her jazzy, soulful songs as a way of channelling her feelings.

The 26-year-old will soon be swapping Taunton for London as a way of improving her musical palette and working with different musicians.

Speaking about how she got started in music, Aimee said: "I started out as I was given a bass guitar by my uncle who no longer wished to play it.

"As a kid I thought it was interesting as I would dance around the living room singing Michael Jackson songs.

"I learnt the bass but stopped as it was not compatible to what I wanted to do and so started learning the acoustic guitar as I wanted to play the guitar and sing and could not do that with a bas guitar.

"I did have some lessons but I am self taught. I think this has defiantly helped me but at the same time has hindered my technical ability.

Somerset County Gazette:

"But it means I have developed my own sound and like any art or painting you do not have to use red, blue or yellow paint. You just have to use what is important to you."

Aimee has been gigging for 10 years and started out doing open mic night in Taunton when the Pen and Quill was open.

This was something she did after school and then slowly started to do gigs around Taunton.

What this meant was she met other musicians who all play on the circuit.

Aimee explained in the last few years technology has improved and now there is a lot of electronic music.

"I am using a laptop but I think I am a better singer than guitar players.

I would say my vocal style is jazzy and soulful but I can go the other way.

"In the past two years I have been writing my own material.

"This can be nerve wrecking when I go on stage and play it as it leaves you more vulnerable.

"I sit down and take inspiration from my own life and my own experiences.

"I now have five/six songs which I have written and are happy to play on stage.

"The songs include Ghost Train, Don't You, A confliction, Defy Gravity and Welcome Home.

"Many of them such as Don't You are personal and for me it is a good way of expressing my feelings and emotions.

"The songs are not so much a way of sharing but a way of channelling my feelings.

"Even if it is a sad song I like to say show it in a jazz way of singing.

"I think I have branched out as a songwriter. I have taken inspiration from Passenger as he paints with more imagery while I used to just tell a story.

"Now I am painting a picture.

"I am in the process of moving to London which will be great as there are only one, two or three venues to play in Taunton.

"By moving there I will be working with different artists and can develop my electronic music.

"My absolute goal is to get my records released but at the moment I would like to do session work for other artists."