BEANS on Toast is the antitheses to Fake News.

The singer/songwriter is as honest as the day is long and said on stage he 'felt his most honest when on stage'.

As you read this the folk singer has fired up his Bongo with LPG and is heading down the pub near you to bring you his own unique slant and slice of life.

Jay has performing and writing songs for 10 years and in that time has released eight albums and is working on Number nine.

Speaking about his latest tour which comes with the hashtag #saveourpubs described himself is a self deprecating way as 'a drunk folk singer'.

He said: "I am a happy drunk, an optimistic folk singer and definitely first and foremost a better songwriter than I am singer and musician.

"The songs I write are about the very day things like life, love, politics and a drink.

"One of the songs I wrote called "Down the Pub" which is from "A Spanner in The Works" has a pub theme and I thought it would be good to link it into the campaign to help save pubs.

"I have played at pubs and worked in pubs all my life either behind the bar of in charge of the entertainment, so the idea of taking the tour to pubs seemed the most natural thing to do.

"This tour is allowing me to do two things, one is to play places I have never played before and the other to take my show to places which are off the beaten track."

Beans has a natural charm about him and an unique take on music.

For his last album the record and made all the music on a computer as one of his friends said he should do it without any guitars as it would give the album a different sound.

He will be playing songs form this album with his band which will consist of himself plus a fiddler and an accordion player.

For those of you wondering why he is called Beans on Toast, Jay explained he wanted to go with Spaghetti Hoops but Beans on Toast just sounded better.

Beans on Toast will be appearing at Cobblestones in Bridgwater on May 26.

Information and tickets for all shows can be found at A BAFTA award winning photographer from Somerset is asking people to roll up, roll up and join the circus.

Emily Fairweather is holding a vintage circus photo shoot which is being advertised as a unique opportunity for children to join the circus.

She is holding this photo shoot which you can attend on Sunday, May 14 and Sunday, May 21.

Explaining what she hopes to achieve through her artwork Emily said: "I love telling stories with my imagery, something that comes naturally after being a documentary film-maker for fifteen years.

"I have several heavyweight documentaries under my belt for Channel 4 & ITV including Kelly and Her Sisters which won a BAFTA for best documentary in 2002, beating Louis Theroux.

"Recently I was asked to contribute to a research and creative project for Tesco’s focusing on family life in the UK. "This was a fantastic project for me, showcasing my natural reportage style in everyday family situations. Several of my black and white images were selected for this project.

"I’ve always loved telling stories about people.

"I have a background in photo-journalism and reportage film-making.

"I have been published in broadsheets and magazines on subjects as diverse as the Sudan People’s Liberation Army and the merits of the Scilly Isles.

"Being a reportage film-maker has given me a unique training in telling stories through images, the perfect background to documentary wedding photography.

You can book online at or call 07958763029