A BRIDGWATER singer/songwriter is taking to the streets to promote his latest single.

Kriston H will be touring towns and cities in the South West including Taunton, Exeter, Bristol, and Bath to make people aware of his latest single Plead which will be released on ITunes and Spotify on June 20.

The song will be available for music fans to pre-order and then pre-download on June 5.

Kriston’s song Plead will be include on a 12 track album which he aims to release late November.

Speaking about his new single and the album he is recording, Kriston said: “Plead is a mixture of emotional orchestral music with a lot of depth.

“It is about finding strength and not giving up when you have lost. It could be described as an inspirational song.

“The album I am recording will be called Resurrection which will contain 12 tracks including Plead.

“I have recorded two songs and am working on another four/five and hope to record them as soon as possible.

“The songs on the album are very personal songs from personal experience and do cover issues such as pain and loss.

“It is showing people how I coped with and dealt with the issues which effected me.

“In the past few weeks I have been gigging in Bridgwater and Bristol.

“I am taking to the streets to do something busking/street performing which I will do in major cities.

“I will play six songs continuously between noon and 3pm.

Some of them will be old and some new.

“I am very excited about the album and looking forward to it being released as well as Plead as a single.

“I am enjoying what I am doing and I have been get- ting a lot of positive feedback about the track Plead and about the gigs.“What I have found is my songs and lyrics have matured with me.

Kriston, 27, who describes his musical as ‘acoustic Indie’ will be appearing at the Purple Spoon Cafe in West Street, Bridgwater on May 25.