A SOMERSET musician has opened the emotional floodgates as he is set to release 150 songs online.

James Heal who is a singer/songwriter and music producer wrote over 100 song in the past two years following the death of his beloved mother.

Nearly three years ago, James’s mum, Molly died in August 2014 and the effect it had on James caused him emotional pain which he released in a collection of songs.

He said: “The effect my mum’s death had on me was it turned everything opaque.

“It was like a low lying mist had come into my life and the only way I could express myself my heartache was through sound.

“My grief allowed me to tap a well of emotion which lead to all these songs coming out.

“In total I wrote 150 songs in the past two years and I am now releasing them on CD, download and a triple album limited edition vinyl.

“I think what this experience has done showed me I had been staying in too much as I had become too self absorbed by it all.

“What this experience has done is to empower me and now I want to get my music out there and want to start playing it for people.”

One of the reasons James is releasing so many songs at one tie is his studio was broken into and he fears his music was duplicated.

So he wants to get it out before anyone else can capitalise financially from his efforts.

Somerset County Gazette:

One of the exciting projects on the horizon for James is he has been talking to the Hollywood studio, Dreamworks about doing music for films.

One of the meetings he has had was with the actor, Nicholas Cage.

The actor became aware of James music and felt it would be good to meet him and find out more.

So he organised a meal with him.

He is also looking to take his songs out to the festivals and will be appearing on one of the stages at Glastonbury