ONE of the headline acts on the Avalon stage has revealed their opening number.

Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel will be at the world famous festival on Saturday, June 24 and their first song will be Here Comes The Sun.

Steve who is playing his fourth Glastonbury was first signed up by EMI in 1972 for a three album deal.

One of the biggest hits Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel had was in 1975 when the group released , "Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)", The group did release their version of The Beatles song, Here Comes the Sun written by George Harrison in 1975.

Steve said: "My version is a much more rockier version and in your face.

"I will be opening with it at Glastonbury as I rarely play it at concerts."

Festival Planner has produced details on where you can find the biggest stars for your money.

The planner shows that Reading and Leeds is the best value for chart success from its headline acts.

With Muse, Eminem and Kasabian topping the bill over the weekend, the trio have 16 No.1 albums to their names.

Glastonbury take joint-second with their respective trio of headliners Radiohead, Foo Fighters and Ed Sheeran picking up 10 No.1 UK albums combined level with the Isle of Wight festival’s David Guetta, Arcade Fire and Rod Stewart.

Glastonbury according to the planner is set to have good weather with a less than 40 per cent chance of rain.

Festival Planner list for best weather:

1. Cambridge Folk Festival - 21.6 degrees Celsius, 37.2% rain probability - cost £167

2. Latitude - 20.3 degrees Celsius, 34.8% rain probability - cost £197.50

3. Glastonbury - 19.5 degrees Celsius, 35.5% rain probability – cost: £238

4. V Festival - 18.5 degrees, 39% rain probability – cost £189

5. Reading Festival - 18.3 degrees Celsius, 35.8% rain probability – cost: £205

6. Isle of Wight Festival - 18.1 degrees Celsius, 35.1% rain probability – cost £195

7. Green Man 17.9 - degrees Celsius, 40.2% rain probability - cost £180

8. Bestival 17.6 - degrees Celsius, 32.7% rain probability - cost £175

9. Leeds Festival - 17.8 degrees Celsius, 39.8% rain probability – cost: £205

10. Download Festival - 16.4 degrees Celsius, rain probability 40.2% - cost £205

You can view the full results at: