CHLOE Warren and her band are ‘teetering on the edge of success’.

What this Somerset quartet need is to be discovered and taken to the next level.

Chloe who has been a singer/ songwriter for 12 years has been in charge of her own band for three years now and as a group they have moulded together into a ‘musically tight unit’.

The band includes Chloe, lead singer, Tom Evans, guitar, Jason Carpenter, drums and Rory Wood, bass have been plying their trade at a number of local festivals.

Now they feel it is their time to shine or as Chloe said they are ‘Teetering on the edge of success’.

Chloe said: “I was 14 years old when I started writing songs. It was something which came naturally to me. I studied for a music technology degree as well as gigging.

"I started writing my songs sitting at a piano and working on an idea before putting it together.

Somerset County Gazette:

"My band have been together for three years and we work well as a unit as we are all on the same wave length. We are working on a new EP which will include songs Angels in my nightmare, In Dreams. My Story and Anything.

"What we want to do now is keep playing the gigs and festivals and hope someone spots us so we can go to the next level.”

You can catch an acoustic set from Chloe Warren and guitarist, Tom Evans at The Old Barn Club, Yeovil on Sunday at 3.30pm.

All the band are at the Bristol Balloon Festival on August 12.