AMY Roberts has found her voice in the world and also her musical voice hanks to jazz.

The 29-year-old will be in Somerset when she appears at the Illminster Arts Centre with the Exall/Roberts Quintet in September.

Amy’s current projects include the Magnificent 7 Jazz Band, and the Richard Exall/Amy Roberts Quintet.

As a freelance musician Amy’s performances have included concerts with the Pasadena Roof Orchestra, The London Swing Orchestra, Pete Long’s Echos of Ellington, Keith Nichols Blue Devils Orchestra and Harry Strutters Hot Rhythm Orchestra.

Somerset County Gazette:

Amy said: “The thing with jazz is it does have a bad reputation as many people think jazz is way out contemporary thing with squeaky music.

“What people want to hear is melody and form to it and so a lot of people do not like jazz.

“But that is not what jazz is about. Jazz as a music comes under a huge umbrella.

“As an art form it has only been going since the 1920s so it is less than 100 years old. It is still evolving.

"What jazz allows musicians is to give them an individual voice where they can become accessible to the public.

“Music for me is an expression of that moment.

"When I perform I am in the grove, in that moment and for me it is pure escapism.

"I love that feeling of being able to enjoy the performance and see the audience enjoying themselves.”

Asked if playing jazz and being caught in the moment was akin to an out of body experience?

Amy said: “It is very difficult to explain but for me is a magical feeling as it all helps to lift my energy from the energy of the audience.

"I can only describe it as being like a surfer and riding the wave as it gives me that adrenaline.

Amy Roberts is at the Ilminister Arts Centre at 8pm on September 29.

Tickets £16 (£30 including pre-show supper) can be booked on 01460 54973.

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