THERE is a tradition in popular music of family groups hitting the charts.

They have covered all genres and styles of music ranging from The Andrew Sisters to The Bee Gees, The Everly Brothers to The Jackson 5 and The Ramones.

To these groups and all the other family groups you can now add Wildwood Kin.

For the uninitiated, Wildwood Kin are an acclaimed trio from Exeter in Devon comprising of two sisters, Beth and Emillie Key and their cousin Meghann Loney.

The music is a mix of their own beautiful and thought provoking original songs with a few stunning arrangements of some better known covers.

Their voices meld perfectly in effortless and sublime close harmony and they accompany themselves on a range of acoustic instruments.

Having just completed a UK wide support tour with Ward Thomas, they had a busy summer of festivals in Summer 2017 including the Avalon stage at Glastonbury, Cambridge Folk Festival and the Blue Balls festival in Switzerland.

The groups style of music can be described as 'indie/folk/Americana'.

The trio are bringing their musical craft to The Brewhouse Theatre in Taunton on November 18.

Speaking about their love of music, Meghann Loney said: "Music has been a massive part of our lives.

"We are a musical family and music was something which we learnt to sing and play at early age.

"We always got around the piano at Christmas to sing and play songs which was all part of family life.

Somerset County Gazette:

"Music means a lot to us and for us it feels like a language all of its own.

"Wherever you are in the world, whoever you are you will respond to music as it is something which is really special.

"There are lots of things in all the arts which are different but for me music is a universal language.

"We relate to music the most and it is something which people can get involved with.

"I see it as a community building as it brings people together. Music is our biggest expression of artistry.

"Inspiration comes in many shapes and forms.

"I think there is a mix of things which help this such as where we grew up and where we like to go .

"Personally I like to get out into nature and there is so much to see that songs come to you.

"Nature relates to life in many metaphorical ways.

"We like to share our life experiences through our songs along with our faith and spirituality.

"We have recently come back from Nashville and the Americana week with so much inspiration for songs.

"Music has helped me get out of times when I needed a positive message and encouragement.

"One of the band which has helped me through difficult times was Sigur Ros and their album called Takk.

"I don't understand a word which they say but the melodies of their songs is amazing.

"Also there is a Bryan Adams song called Shadowland which I listen to when I am down.

"Music helps when you are down as it lifts you.

Many of the family pop or rock groups had this 'family tie' hanging over them and has created friction and conflict between the siblings such as Ray and Dave Davies or Joey Ramone and Johnny Ramone.

Talking about this potential tension, Meghann said: "Being a family group does bring with it different pressures.

"What we do is separate our professional life from our family life. It is hard but we aim to do this and have time on our own. When we are together as a family we are not constantly talking about work.

"Being a family is one of our strengths and I think it shows in the music we play.

"Our music style/sound is a hard one to describe but I would say it is "What is important to us is harmony in the songs and the story telling."

And now they are looking forward to the tour and coming to The Brewhouse.

Meghann said: "We are really looking forward to coming to Taunton.

"I know at times bands go to Exeter or Bristol but we like to go to places which might not get a lot of music.

"We hope people have a good time and enjoy the music."

Tickets for Wildwood Kin cost £14.

They can be bought online at or call the box office on 01823 283 244.