JEMIMA Farey is part of what could be called Somerset’s equivalent of the Carter Family.

‘The Farey Family’ and are slowly becoming more recognized within the area, playing original compositions and traditional folk, gospel and country songs Jemima is bring her love of folk music to the Ilminister Arts Centre on Friday, January 19, for a ‘flying folk’ evening.

This will provide folk fans with top notch West Country folk music performed in the intimate surroundings of the Meeting House in Ilminister.

Jemima said: “I have always been a folk singer.

"My parents are folk singers and folk music has played a huge part in my life.

"I got involved in hosting the shows which also allowed me to perform in between the acts and this gives me the opportunity to sing and play.

"I do acoustic and traditional folk music.

“The songs I sing and write deal with love and families which have touched everyone.

“Music has always been part of my life and a strong presence due to my family and two inspirational music teachers.

What folk music needs is younger people and I am one of those as I am 21 years old and have been playing folk music for six years.”

She described folk music as being a ‘lost form of music’ and a ‘lost voice’.

But she felt it did divide people because they had preconceptions of it being old world and dull where as it was vibrant and fun.

She said: “Most young people are attracted to pop music but folk music is a different music and ask difference things form you as a writer and singer.

"It is challenging to write a song which people need to listen to and they will if there is a voice, guitar and violin.

“Folk music is literally the music of the people. People have listened to more folk music than they realise.

"For many people they think folk music is old fashioned and they have a prejudice about it.

"I like the story telling aspect of folk music which is like country music.

“I would say come along and listen and do not be prejudiced.”

The flying folk events have acts like The Good Old Boys and Louise Jordan.

Tickets cost £10. Book contact the box office on 01460 54973.