Record 1:  A Day in the Life - Beatles.

From primary school we listened to the Beatles, collected Beatles cards with gum and pretended we were the Beatles so I have to choose a Beatles song.

A Day in the Life is like getting two songs for the price of one with one part written by Lennon, the other by McCartney and there is the amazing final chord.

RECORD 2: Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan.

This was the most requested song on the jukebox in the bar at my college. It was probably so popular because it reflected the frustrations and angst of most of us students trying to deal with love, friendship and rejection and it was all too easy to sing along with the words after a couple of pints.

RECORD 3: O Mio Babbino - Puccini.

The recent dramatisation of Howard's End on BBC 1 reminded how much I enjoyed the 1985 film version of Room With A view (also by E M Foster) with its stella British Cast.

The main theme song running through the film was, O Mio Babbino Caro (Oh My Beloved Father) by Puccinni.

An emotional and sublime piece of music.

RECORD 4: Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison.

I have always like Van Morrison and, of course, there are the associations with Somerset. I saw him live a few years ago.

My daughter also likes this song - and she has brown eyes - so it seems a good choice.

RECORD 5: Romeo and Juliet - Dire Straits.

As a bookseller of nearly 30 years I have to have something with a literary slant.

I think Romeo and Juliet is a great song and it fits the bill very well.