THIS week's Tracks of my Life is with Michael Gilbert, chairman of Taunton Thespians.

Please read which tracks Michael has chosen and why they are important to him.

RECORD ONE: Moondance, by Van Morrison.

Possibly the greatest love song of all time. And it’s Van Morrison, who has to be in here

RECORD TWO: Johnny Was, by Bob Marley, performed by Stiff Little Fingers.

It’s a powerful song about the effects of violence on the innocent, made more poignant for me by its resetting to Northern Ireland in the Troubles, where I grew up.

RECORD THREE: Roxette, by Dr Feelgood.

Encapsulates everything that’s great about the band. Just love it.

RECORD FOUR: Garageland, by The Clash.

Because I have to have a Clash song in here somewhere, and I know all the lyrics to this one.

RECORD FIVE: Uptown Top Ranking, by Althea and Donna.

In part because it’s a great song, in part because it’s a feminist reggae number, in part as a tribute to John Peel, who played the soundtrack to my teenage years