ARQUEBUS is a dynamic Somerset based folk trio formed by local guitarist, Sam Patten and the band will be playing at the Church Hall, Westonzoyland next month.

Music on the Levels presents Arquebus on Sunday, March 18, 3.30 pm, who play a mixture of traditional folk songs and tunes as well as some self written songs done in a slightly more contemporary style but with their roots planted firmly in the English folk style.

With a mixture of foot stomping fiddle tunes and upbeat songs, playing with the energy of a band that loves what it does, this is not to be missed.

The programme will be a mixture the new-composed songs and traditional tunes from all over the British isles and even a few Americans thrown in for good measure.

They cover jigs, reels and hornpipes all arranged in a toe tapping and upbeat manor and songs that span from the purely traditional through to numbers more reminiscent of the English folk revival there’s something for all folk fans to enjoy.

‘The name is a long story, says Sam Patten, ‘but basically an arquebus was one of the first types of musket from the 15th century.

“It all comes from a comment someone made when we first started about how the arquebus was a bit hit and miss and you would basically set fire to it and hope for the best. Our bass player joked that it was a bit like our playing and the name stuck.’ He added: ‘Yeah we just liked the sound of it and again as our bass player is fond if saying, much like the gun there’s a certain amount if backfiring!’ The concert starts at 3.30 pm and will be in the Church Hall, Main Road, Westonzoyland, TA7 0ED on Main Road.

Doors open at 3pm. No need to book; turn up at the Church Hall in time to be seated by 3.30 pm.

Contact Ann Philcox on 01278 691438 akphilcox@ for more info