ALL too often we hear the phrases, the man behind the mask, she/he was masking his/her feelings and we all hides behind masks.

This is the type of imagery which Stevie and The Masquerades (Matt Bond and Stevie Brown) is trying to break down especially when it comes to social media.

The groups name is as one half of the due Matt Bond said: "Is making a commentary on social media.

"The Masquerades is saying when people are on social media they are masquerading and we want them to come to out gigs and not be masquerading but to drop the curtain."

Not only are they aiming to make the curtain fall away but they want it to rise to reveal themselves to music listeners, gig goers and festival fans.

Stevie and the Masquerades have been together for one and a half years and have just released a new EP called 'Salvage' (four tracks: 666, Her, Find Away and Work) and are currently working on a new set of songs.

Matt Bond who used to go to Richard Huish College, Taunton and used to live in Wellington but now lives in Taunton, has been involved with music since he was five years old.

He started out as a drummer and then learnt the piano followed by guitar.

Matt (who was busking in Taunton on his own..pictured) has always studied music and did music tech in London which has allowed him to produce the duo.

And what type of music and sound does the duo have which he produces?

Matt said: "Our music is electronic but ambient/electro pop.

Somerset County Gazette:

"What we do musically is warm and sweeping. It is full of sound and pads. We do create a bright synthesise sound.

"I see it like a landscape, you have the foreground and a blurry background and you build it up.

"It is in the same vein as Japanese House or the The 1975.

"It is interesting we used to play acoustic music which was more rock based but now we have moved towards electronic.

"Now electronic music is getting bigger than R&B and rock music.

"What we are doing at the moment is writing a new EP.

"We write our songs either eyeball to eyeball or as individual ideas.

"We come together with ideas or fragments or ideas which are half formed.

"When we write we are producing a foundation, a concept where we aim to build a world from just a fragment.

"We can create a chorus which then takes flight into something bigger.

"They say there is nothing original and everything is borrowed form something or someone else.

"As a musician and I know it might sound weird, but I do not listen to a lot of other music.

"I like to get my ideas from photography, film or other things.

"It is about getting inspiration from life, colours, form and feelings.

"Music to me is an escapism, a form of being transported and elevated away.

"What we are doing now is writing our new EP and booking up to do festivals.

"Touring is the number one thing we want to do now."

Stevie and The Masquerades hope to tour and be able to do music as our full time job.

The other half of Stevie and The Masquerades is Stevie Brown from Chard who is a singer/songwriter in her own right.

Looking ahead to what he hopes the duo will be in two years is they will be touring regularly and music will be their full time job.

Matt said: "I want our music to be the one people pick if they had to select a different song for a different part of the day.

"I want our music (records) to be fought over by couples, I want it to be the song which is playing when they break up or when they are making love."

Stevie and The Masquerades will be appearing at the Creative Innovation Centre CIC in Taunton on April 14, and then we will be out doing the festivals.

The headline act at the CICCIC is Gaz Brookfield.

Rising solo act Joe McCorriston is Gaz’s chosen support and opening the night will be Stevie and The Masquerades This gig will be Fuelled By Cider’s first collaboration with CICCIC Tickets £8 – On the door £10.

Further details online at