TAUNTON'S finest are to paraphrase Neil Armstrong's famous moon landing speech: "That's one small step for music, one giant leap for October Drift.'

The giant leap is being taken this week as the band who are all from Taunton, Kiran Roy (vocals, guitar), Chris Holmes (drums), Alex Bipsham (bass) and Daniel Young (guitar) are on tour with The Editors.

For the group this is a big step forward in their burgeoning pop careers.

Explaining why this is so big, Kieran said: "This (touring with The Editors) is one of the biggest opportunities we have had as a group.

"We will be playing to a larger number of people which if we had done it on our own might take us two years if we were headlining our own tours.

"We will just get up and go as we always enjoy playing live.

"Our music suits being played at a live venue and in front of people.

"We will be touring with The Editors on Sunday (yesterday), Monday (today) and tomorrow (Tuesday).

"Then we will be going out on the road with our own headline our own UK tour in April."

Somerset County Gazette:

Last Friday, October Drift released a new single online call All Broken Down.

They have other plans in the pipeline for the summer and the rest of the year.

Talking about these, Kieran said: "We will be releasing a new album but I do not know when.

"We have got over 50 songs which we could have put on the album but we have left loads off the album.

"Only two songs on it will have been released before.

"We have a working title for the album at the moment which is "Forever whatever" and we hope we can release it at the end of the year.

"We would like to get a record deal so the album can be promoted better than if we released it ourselves in a DIY approach as we want it done properly.

Somerset County Gazette:

"We personally want our debut album to be as successful as possible.

"We want to make a statement and want to be really proud of the album.

"At the moment we have been booked to appear at four or five festivals during the Summer but expect more to be added.

"I love getting out on the road and get out and do the gigs.

"The last gig we did was in Taunton in December.

"It was a great gig really a warm gig to be in our home town with friends and family.

Somerset County Gazette:

"We don't always get to play in Taunton and I think the last one we did before 2017 was in 2015.

"We get a bigger response every year but we will be taking baby steps with the festivals."

Keep up to date with October Drift on their website octoberdrift.co.uk or on Twitter @octoberdrift