THIS week’s Tracks of my Life is with actress Charlotte Croft who will be in Red Riding Hood and the Wolf at Tacchi-Morris on Sunday, March 11

TRACK 1: Fades Away- By Gavin Haley

I practice a lot of yoga and actually discovered this song on tour.

This is a song I often play as I’m warming up for the show.

TRACK 2: Jenny Didn’t Erase MeBy Dan Williamson

Dan is one of my biggest inspirations, a dear friend and a very special artist.

This is the first song I heard Dan play live and it’s stayed with me ever since.

TRACK 3: 5AM- Amber Run

This song calms my mind and soul.

TRACK 4: First Time- Vance Joy Vance

Joy’s songs are beautiful and I love his lyrics.

I like to listen to this song when I go running or when I’m on a long journey, it reminds me of fun times and good memories)

TRACK 5: Bruises- Lewis Capaldi

I currently have this song on repeat.

I find I do my best thinking when I listen to this song