THIS week’s Tracks of my Life is with Aksen Karaalp who runs SIlvan’s Van in Taunton town centre.

Track 1 Sting: Fields of Gold

Reminds me summer time and happiness.

Every time I listen I remember my childhood running in hot yellow grain fields.

Track 2 Brain Adams: Heaven

I like this song as it’s emotional and he sings it perfectly.

Track 3 Sivan Perwer ( Kurdish singer) Nazè Sivan perwer.

Kurdish singer . I was raised listening to his songs. He is was the pioneer of Kurdish singing. When Turkish government banned all Kurdish language speaking in public he continued singing and releasing albums. He is a great singer.

Track 4 Craig David:7 days

I started to listening when I was 17. I enjoy listening him and he has a great voice.

Track 5 Mahsun Kirmizigul:Saygimdan

I love all his song. I feel that me and him have so much in common.

 For instance,we both were born in same city and his song are reflecting our hard bringing and joy.