THIS week’s Tracks of my Life comes from Ryan Low.

Ryan who originally comes from Canada, runs the Hexagon Board Game Cafe in 18 Lower Middle St, Taunton.

Here are Ryan’s favourite top five tracks and a reason why each of them is important to him.

TRACK 1: Contact - Daft Punk - Album: Random Access Memories.

One of my favourite tracks from an amazing band, this song speaks to me of travel, adventure, and the unknown.

TRACK 2: Music @ Work - The Tragically Hip - Album: Music @ Work

A song that came out shortly after I had left work, this is my favourite song by an iconic Canadian band - every time I hear it I get a smile on my face, from the memories of when that song was on the radio.

TRACKS 3: All hell for a basement - Big Sugar

A farewell song to my home province of Alberta, it reminds me of incredible sunsets on the vast prairies.

TRACK 4: Hurt - Johnny Cash

It is rare that I think a cover is better than the original, but the pain in Mr. Cash’s voice is almost palpable.

TRACK 5: All along the watchtower - Yul Anderson - Album: Starlight

Yet another amazing cover of one of my favourite songs.

If you want to get involved in Tracks of my Life then email with your five tracks together with a sentence explaining why the song is important to you.

Also include a photograph of yourself and details