THIS week’s Tracks of my Life comes from Tim Baigent, singer and guitarist from the Taunton band ‘Palooka 5’.

Track 1: The Beatles ‘She Said, She Said’.

Massive fan of their mid period stuff - when their pop nous started to mix with psychedelia.

Track 2: The Clash, ‘Armagideon Time’

The Clash always seemed to have a bit more depth than the rest.

Track 3: Super Furry Animals, ‘Ice Hockey Hair’

Loved this lot from the start, they do the lot - pop, surf, techno, ballads.

Track 4: The Fat White Family, ‘Breaking into Aldi’

This lot are hilarious, anti fashion, anti music -magic up the true spirit of ‘rock n roll’.

Track 5: Iggy Pop, ‘Nightclubbing’

Simple and sinister, You feel like you’re in downtown Berlin.