WHEN each of us go to work, we leave the house as us, we are us (me and you) at work and come home as ourselves.

Paul Metcalfe doesn't do this. He goes to work as Paul but at work he becomes Rod Stewart and then goes home as Paul.

He admitted in jokingly, the lines between the two people does get a little blurred at times.

For many years, Paul has been a professional Rod Stewart tribute act and is the lead player and singer in Some Guys Have All The Luck:The Rod Stewart Story.

As it states on the shows website: "The first half of the show charts Rod's rise to fame from his early days struggling to climb the ladder of success through to worldwide success in the early 70's. It features songs from the earlier part of Rod's career, including Handbags & Gladrags, In A Broken Dream, Stay With Me, Ooh La La and Wear It Well. It also includes an unplugged (and seated!) section.

Somerset County Gazette:

"The second half of the show captures all the excitement and energy of a Rod Stewart concert and is full of the same swaggering showmanship, audience participation and sheer sense of fun. It is crammed full of hits such as Maggie May, Sailing, Baby Jane, Da Ya Think I'm Sexy, Tonight's The Night, The First Cut Is The Deepest and You're In My Heart.."

Paul not only delivers a top notch performance as Rod, he does it from the perspective of a fan.

He said: "I have been a fan of Rod since Maggie May came out. My first Rod LP was Every Picture Tells A Story on which Maggie May was a track.

"I was always performing and doing covers, when one night I sang Maggie May and all my friends told me that sounded so much like Rod.

Somerset County Gazette:

"For me it was just natural. I know how he sings and it just did it."

Just doing it proved the catalyst but it took him a long time to sell the idea of this show to a promoter who would sell tickets.

The result has been a show which has attracted glowing tributes from Don Stewart

Rod Stewart's brother, Mary Cady, Rod Stewart's sister and members of the The Rod Stewart Fan Club.

Explaining what he thought it 'took to be Rod Stewart', Paul said: "Most importantly you need to be solid vocally. He have to get his mannerisms right and show lots of energy and excitement when you are on stage.

"You have to be like everyone's mate and get everyone singing along and dancing.

Somerset County Gazette:

"You need to be able to communicate with an audience and go out of the way to make them laugh.

"I want to make sure everyone who comes enjoys themselves, see a good show and we create a real party atmosphere.

"The show in Frome is on a Saturday (August 25) and there is no excuse for people not to come along, have a drink and let their hair down."

You can see Some Guys Have All The Luck at Frome Memorial Theatre at 7.30pm on August 25.

To buy tickets the official website is at someguyshavealltheluck.com