THIS week’s Top Five Tracks is a first.

Usually it is an individual selecting their top tracks.

This week it is a couple. The couple in question are husband and wife, Peter Snow and Ann MacMillan.

Peter Snow is a former journalist and presenter of Newsnight and is well known for the swingometer on Election night.

While his wife, Ann worked for CHIN Radio, Global TV News and CTV News.

TRACK 1: Galway Bay (Irish song)

Peter singing in car just after we met 42 years ago as we drove around the north woods of Canada.

His mother’s favourite song sung by John McCormack.

TRACK 2: Sibelius’s Second Symphony

We listened to on our sailing boat as we sailed around the south coast of England.

Evokes surge of sea so perfect for sailing

TRACK 3: Remember the Alamo.

Peter first heard it when he visited Texas in’s all about people like Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie defending a fort against Mexican attack.

We sang it on car journeys with our children.

TRACK 4: I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor.

We heard her sing this live at the Nice Jazz Festival - an unforgettable experience.

TRACK 5: The Twelve Days of Christmas.

We have an annual. Christmas carol party at our house in Barnes, south west London and divide the assembled company into twelve groups to sing one verse each, the louder, the better.