BROTHERLY feuds in pop music happen throughout the generations.

You have Ray and Dave Davies, Noel and Liam Gallagher and Don and Phil who were the Everly brothers.

One modern brotherly feud which caused the break of a group was between Phil and Paul Hartnoll.

As a result of Orbital breaking up, the brothers did not speak to each other for five years.

It was not the outcome Phil wanted as they were not speaking it meant they did not get together and family Christmas’s were not a good as they could be for the brothers.

Phil said: “I have been lucky with the way things have gone but when me and my brother split, we did not speak for five years.

“This was not what I wanted and I could not enjoy anything.

“When it happened (getting back together), I did not think it would happen.

“I never expected it to happen.

“What I wanted to do was build up a relationship with my brother.

“Now I am a pleaser, i go along with what needs to be and it makes things better and it means I get my brother back.”

Phil got his wish and is delighted to be reunited with his brother, talking to him and making music.

Now Orbital who produce electronic music are back with their first album in six years a new album called ‘Monsters Exist’.

Not only is it a new album but it includes a performance from English physicist and former keyboard player with the rock band Dare, Brain Cox.

Phil said it was his brothers idea to get hold of Brian and messaged him over Twitter or Twatter as Phil calls it.

They were delighted Bran came along and while he was originally going to read excerpts written by Carl Sagan, they were unable to use them.

So Brian read bits from his own books and they pieced them together like a poem.

Now the brothers are back on the road touring the UK.

They will be bringing their own brand of electro pop to Somerset when they come to Minehead for the Shiiine On Butlins Weekender on November 18.