YOUTHFUL exuberance means one group of lads from Somerset will never achieve burnout.

They will achieve new heights with Burnout as this is the name of their group.

The line up of Burnout is Will Stead, bass; Evan Chase, guitar and Oscar Sharman, drums and vocal.

Burnout (previously known as Burnout-13) formed at school in 2013. They released their first album “No Brainer” in 2016 and had the single “None to Lose” played on BBC Radio 6 a number of times.

No Brainer was very much a pop punk album and was heavily influenced by their time at school with songs such as Fashion Victim and Maths Debate. Move on a couple of years and Burnout’s sound has progressed into the realms of harder edged punk.

Their second album ‘Inside’ (to be released on January 11) straddles these changes, with powerful songs and emotionally charged lyrics.

The first single “The Hypodermic Needle” from the new album was released in November 2018.

Burnout regularly gig across the whole of the South West of England and South Wales and have played shows with the likes of Citizen Fish, Wonk Unit, Pizzatramp, Murderburgers, Strange Bones and Ferocious Dog.

They have also play festivals such as Glastonbury, Beautiful Days and Watchet as well as numerous smaller festivals.

Evan and Oscar who are both at Richard Huish have in their own words ‘know each other since birth’ as their parents were close friends and they both went to the same schools.

This duo started to play music together but as they said ‘never put two and two together’ about forming a group.

The main reason was the did not find someone who wanted to play music or had the same musical interest as they did as they liked Blink 182.

When they did form a band it was as a trio called Burnout 13 and their style of music was punk but one with a harder edge.

Oscar said: “It was about emotion and it being emotionally charged.

“Two of the songs on our album Inside, maladjusted in about not fitting in and Hypodermic needle is about addiction (of mobile phone).”

Evan said: “When we made the change to Burnout (this was when Will who comes from Wellington joined).

“We didn’t want to lose our followers but wanted the music to be more mature.

“Even the music needed to be new stuff and to be an evolution. What we write we write from our feelings.

“We write what we are feeling at that moment.”

All three are looking to move possibly to Manchester as Taunton is not the best place for people to go out to gigs and offers them a wider platform to showcase their music.

Both Oscar and Evan plus Will are passionate about making a career in music and do not want to miss out on any chance of success.

They are playing a number of gigs and going out on tour in the coming two months.

The dates includes:

Jan 28- Mother’s Ruin in Bristol.

Fen 28-Palladium Club, Bideford.

March 1-Red Lion in Bristol.

And on tour:

March 6-Underground in Plymouth.

March 7-The Princess Royal, Canon Street, Taunton

March 8-Transport Club, Cardiff.

March 9-Cafe Kino, Bristol.

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