A DEDICATED follower of musical fashion from Taunton is growing in style and substance.

The dandy of this viral content is seventeen-year-old Finn Askew from Taunton who is setting the pace of what is hot and what is not, what is dropping and what is sliding on the way out.

The teenager has 5,400 followers on Instagram and has already had 15,000 people listen to his music on Spotify.

Finn is one of the new bred of musical maestros who is mixing and linking genres together.

He is taking his English roots and fusing it with an American sound to create this new hybrid mix.

As Finn said: "You have to be a musical magpie.

"You take one form of music and mix it with another making something new which no one has heard of before.

"With my music I want to create golden nuggets.

"The fashion of music is very important as people as loving it.

"It is fashionable right now as you can take hip hop and heavy metal, two genres and fuse them together to make something which people have not heard before."

Finn began his musical journey five years ago when he was 13-years-old and auditioned for a school musical.

He didn't get the part but from that moment on he began playing music.

It was a year after this he wrote his first song Crazy Animals.

This was the start of his adventure which has seen him create song in his bedroom and release them online.

He pin pointed his song Waste as his break out song which got him noticed.

Talking about the way he write his songs, Finn said: "I write something every day.

"I always have my phone with me and I am constantly making notes of words or lines and even poems which do not necessarily have to rhyme.

"I just write down what could be useful, any idea as I love words. It doesn't take me long to write a song. I get ideas in a short time and from that I hope to get a really good song.

"What people are loving now is the fashion of music and I defiantly a follower of fashion."

Finn who is studying for a BTEC in music performing, a BTEC for a music diploma and also A Level Drama.

He hopes even in the short period of the next five years, he will still working in music but most importantly he hopes to still be writing music.