IN the film About a Boy the character of Will, as played by Hugh Grant talks about islands.

He first says: "In my opinion, all men are islands. And what's more, now's the time to be one. This is an island age."

This then changes by the end of the film to: "Every man is an island. And I stand by that. But clearly, some men are part of island chains. Below the surface of the ocean they're actually connected."

And the connected part is how Kris Drever (guitar, vocals), one third of Lau talks about the trios (the other two thirds are Martin Green (accordion, piano, electronics) and Aidan O'Rourke (fiddle), thinks about the bands latest album Midnight and Closedown (released February 8 on Reveal Records).

Speaking about the new album, Kris said: "The songs on this album are about islands. Big Islands and little Islands and human islands. The idea that we’re all islands. Especially Islands.

"We are all islands. When you are a kid you are an island, nobody really knows what you are thinking.

"It is all about making connections be it reaching out to touch a finger or make a connection on a political matter.

"We have made a series of ideas into little ships and planes and we’re hoping they’ll land on other Islands. Maybe you’ll wake up one morning with an idea in your head that started in one of ours!"

The ideas when it comes to the music develop organically for the trio.

When they go into the studio they take with them half formed or partially written material so each member if needed can have an input.

The group see this as being important as there is no clear division of ownership of any songs and it becomes more of a collaborative process.

This process especially for the new album began a year ago.

Now that musical convayor belt means not only is the new album due out but Lau are on the second part of their UK tour.

Speaking about the tour, Kris said: "We are really enjoying the tour as it means we are getting to play the new songs.

"It is amazing, energetic and relaxing to play the new songs rather than playing music with is too polished.

"We have been playing the new songs in the second half if he show which is probably the wrong way round but there has been a great reaction from the audience.

"When we are on tour we are able to talk about concepts and do not have any time restrictions.

"What is good is by the end of the tour we will leave it with a lot of songs which we did not have at the start. This is very constructive."

One of the most constructive things for Kris is being in a group which gives him and others a chance to be creative and to be working with friends who have been together since 2005.

You can see Lau when they come to The Cheese and Grain in Frome on February 17.

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